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Infertility Signs in Women and Men



Infertility is one of the fearful nightmares of couples who want to have children in all societies. This disorder is defined as "the inability to have a child within a year despite regular sexual intercourse without any protection". It is seen equally in men and women. From our blog articles that we have prepared specially for you, you can reach many details such as infertility symptoms, treatment, causes; You can have an idea about infertility treatment. You can get more information by calling Caretta IVF Clinic in Turkey.




Infertility, in spite of the regular intercourse of the couples; It is defined as not having pregnancy within 1 year. This period can be up to two years. It is a health problem related to the reproductive system. Infertility, that is, infertility, occurs in 15-20 out of every 100 couples. The incidence increases with age.




Causes of infertility differ between men and women. Female infertility signs are as follows;


  • Disorders that occur during ovulation: It is the most common cause of infertility in women.
  • Damage to the tubes: The fact that the tubes are partially or completely blocked prevents the sperm and the egg from meeting, making fertilization and pregnancy impossible.
  • Endometriosis: Endometriosis is expressed as the development of the tissue lining the inside of the uterus (Endometrium) outside the uterus.
  • Problems related to the uterus: Structural, infectious disorders in the cervix or mucus in this area may be the cause of infertility.
  • Allergic Causes: Although allergic causes can cause infertility, diagnosis and treatment are difficult.




The causes of infertility in men are mainly due to malfunctions in sperm production. Besides, other reasons in men are as follows;


  • Sperm production disruptions: It is caused by weakness in sperm shape, number or movement ability.
  • Structural disorders: Complete or partial obstructions that prevent sperm from escaping from the testicles, where it is produced, may be the cause of infertility.
  • Environmental factors: Working in extreme heat, sitting constantly, breathing chemicals are some of the reasons for infertility. Many of the activities in your normal life can cause infertility, even if it is stressful, for example, it can cause infertility. People who do not have children must first make changes in their lifestyle. If smoking, it should be stopped. Alcohol should be avoided. You should not sit constantly, work in the heat, and have a regular and balanced diet.


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