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As Caretta Clinic, we stand by our patients with advanced technological applications, high quality standards and a constantly renewed understanding of service.
Caretta Clinic doctors are internationally recognized specialist physicians who are pioneers in their field. Not only our specialists, but also all healthcare professionals in our treatment teams have high qualifications and experience.
The hospitals where we provide services for you as Caretta Clinic, meet the JCI (Joint Comissions International) accreditation standards with equal quality with the world's leading institutions, with the priority of patient safety, effective, quality patient care and treatment.
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Health tourism has become a rapidly rising trend in recent years in the world and in our country. Many patients from abroad apply with the desire to receive quality and more cost-effective healthy service and to have a holiday with treatment. As Caretta Clinic, we meet our patients at the airport who come from other countries for treatment planning for hair transplantation, IVF treatment and aesthetic dentistry, we arrange their transportation to and accommodation in our comfortable hotels and provide them with quality health service in fully equipped clinics. During this process, our translators and patient relations specialists help our patients to have the best treatment and holiday. Turkey is among the popular countries in the world both because of its historical and cultural richness and its advances in the field of health. Turkey as the shining star of health tourism with its health facilities using advanced technology and offering price advantages follows the advances in the health field simultaneously with the world's leaders, and even continues to lead many developed countries in new technical applications. It is in a preferred position in the health sector as the continuum of post-procedure services is also performed professionally. More economical, high health standards and quality services are provided compared to many countries. Our experienced doctors communicate easily with our patients. In addition, our health consultants, who speak to our foreign patients in their native language, help them in every aspect.
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