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Are You a Good Candidate for IVF? IVF in Istanbul

In order for us to recommend IVF treatment to our couples, it is necessary that the chance of pregnancy is very low or impossible with other treatment methods that can be applied during the natural process or before IVF.

In vitro fertilization will be our new treatment option in couples where pregnancy cannot be achieved with treatment methods such as ovulation monitoring or injections.


WOMAN WITH BOTH TUBES BLOCKED: In this case, the sperm and egg will not be fertilized in the tube.


DECREASE IN THE EGG RESERVES IN WOMAN ALTHOUGH AGE IS YOUNG (In this case, losing time will cause a further decrease in ovarian reserve.)


THE MATERNITY CANDIDATE IS 40 AND OVER (Scientific studies show that the success rates of other treatment methods are very low when the expectant mother is 40 and over)


THE EXISTENCE OF STRUCTURAL OR NUMERICAL PROBLEMS IN THE CHROMOSOMES OF THE CANDIDATE MOTHER OR FATHER:/MOTHER OR FATHER CANDIDATE: (Translocation, numerical excess or scarcity in a part of chromosomes) In this case, a pregnancy is possible in its own process; It is highly possible to see recurrent pregnancy losses in the early period after pregnancy occurs. In this case, by developing more than one embryo with the in vitro fertilization method, scanning the chromosomes before placing the embryos into the mother's uterus and selecting the embryo, which does not include the chromosome problem found in the mother or father, will increase the possibility of live birth.


CANDIDATE MOTHER AND FATHER ARE CARRIERS OF SINGLE GENE DISEASES: Many single gene diseases that can affect every system in the body are passed from generation to generation. The probability of this type of disease is higher, especially in first degree close kin marriages. In this case, when the mother and father to be who carry this diseased gene unknowingly, get married, this disease can be seen in some of their children, although not in every child. This situation, which is not known at first, occurs when a diseased baby is lost in the womb or when the diseased baby is diagnosed after birth. To prevent this unfortunate situation from happening again in a new pregnancy.  Transferring healthy embryos to the uterus by determining whether they carry this disease or not by genetic diagnosis should be the preferred method before a large number of embryos are obtained with IVF and transferred to the mother's womb. Obtaining a large number of embryos by the IVF method; This will increase the chances of finding healthy embryos. 


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  • 5 million or less sperm count in 1 ml
  • Percentage of forward motile sperm being 10% or less 
  • The presence of prominent deformities, especially in the head structure of the sperm (Globozospermia and other problems)


NO SPERM CELL IN MEN'S SEMEN (AZOSPERMIA): In this case, there may be a chance of pregnancy with IVF. For the details of the subject, you can read the azoospermia section in the male infertility section.


FREEZING SPERM OR EGG DUE TO CANCER TREATMENT In this case, since the stored cells are very valuable, they should be evaluated with the assisted reproduction techniques with the highest chance of pregnancy.


INABILITY TO BECOME PREGNANT WITH METHODS PRIOR TO IVF: Although couples don't need IVF treatment, ovulation follow-up and injection trials undergone before IVF don't yield results. Scientific studies show that couples with a diagnosis of infertility for which the reason is not disclosed can undergo injection trials a maximum of 3 times, and if pregnancy is not achieved, in vitro fertilization will be the right choice rather than trying more injections.


LONG INFERTILITY TIME: When couples who haven't received treatment before desire to get pregnant, and haven't used protection, apply to us, we recommend in vitro fertilization as the first option, especially to couples who have desired a child for 5 years or more, even if there is no explanation for the infertility.


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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

IVF treatment generally consists of determining the day to start treatment, starting drug use, egg collection, fertilization, and embryo transfer. Since the time of the patients coming from abroad may be limited, they may be asked to have the preliminary tests done by themselves in their country, and thus 2-4 weeks can be gained. In this case, 2-3 weeks may be sufficient for the treatment process.

Traveling at any stage of IVF treatment or after embryo transfer, which is often wondered, has no negative effect on the process.

The biggest advantage of IVF treatment for the couples who prefer it is that it is very reliable because the risks are almost negligible compared to other treatment methods. The success rate continues to increase day by day, as this method improves itself with technology and experience. The IVF method, which is important in terms of giving older couples the opportunity to have children, can be applied in our country with a success rate above world standards thanks to advanced technology and highly experienced experts. In addition, when viewed in terms of health tourism in Turkey with its natural beauty, cuisine, also offers a unique and economically advantageous prices it offers to tourists vacation experience.

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