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Durable Dental Implant Applications in Istanbul

Screws made of titanium placed in the jawbone to restore function and aesthetics in place of lost teeth are called IMPLANTS.


In case of missing one or more teeth, one or more implants are placed in the jawbone. Implants are produced in different sizes and diameters according to the area where they will be placed.


Implants are widely tissue compatible and extremely durable. The appearance and use of implants are very comfortable, their presence in the mouth is not even felt.


When the superstructures are made on the implants and completed, they act as real teeth. Chewing, speaking, laughing functions are restored to the patient.


Implant is the treatment option that is closest to natural teeth. Implants are applied by surgeons or physicians trained in this field under local anesthesia in the office environment.


Advantages of implant treatment: Patients who have lost a single tooth do not have to sacrifice their adjacent teeth for a single tooth restoration, and more aesthetic and functional results occur. Patients who have lost some of their teeth in the lower or upper jaw have to cut their healthy teeth in order to make a bridge. Patients who have lost their teeth completely in the lower or upper jaw and who suffer from hitting or inability to chew properly due to the movement of the prosthesis, and those who have problems with the impairment of taste due to the closing of the palate by the upper jaw prosthesis will get rid of these problems thanks to implant treatment.


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Who can have an implant?

The success of implant treatment depends on the jaw structure and the adequacy of the jawbone. In patients with insufficient bone density, artificial bone powder is applied to the areas with low density and implant operations are performed.


Although there is no upper age limit for implant treatments, implant treatment can be applied to all patients over the age of 18, that is, who have completed bone development.


In addition, people with uncontrolled diabetes, blood pressure, blood clotting problems and severe heart disease are not operated on without the permission of their physicians before implant operations.


Can implant-supported prostheses be renewed?


Implant-supported prostheses are of course renewable. During the renewal period, previously made implants (screw part) remain in the mouth, only the prostheses made on the implant are renewed. Implant-supported prostheses have a lifetime like other prostheses. You can extend the life of your prostheses by taking care of your denture care and oral hygiene.


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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

IVF treatment generally consists of determining the day to start treatment, starting drug use, egg collection, fertilization, and embryo transfer. Since the time of the patients coming from abroad may be limited, they may be asked to have the preliminary tests done by themselves in their country, and thus 2-4 weeks can be gained. In this case, 2-3 weeks may be sufficient for the treatment process.

Traveling at any stage of IVF treatment or after embryo transfer, which is often wondered, has no negative effect on the process.

The biggest advantage of IVF treatment for the couples who prefer it is that it is very reliable because the risks are almost negligible compared to other treatment methods. The success rate continues to increase day by day, as this method improves itself with technology and experience. The IVF method, which is important in terms of giving older couples the opportunity to have children, can be applied in our country with a success rate above world standards thanks to advanced technology and highly experienced experts. In addition, when viewed in terms of health tourism in Turkey with its natural beauty, cuisine, also offers a unique and economically advantageous prices it offers to tourists vacation experience.

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