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Diastema: Gap Between Teeth Treatment in Istanbul

Why do gaps between teeth occur?


Separation between teeth is a condition that concerns both the jaw and the teeth.

  • The jaw may be wide, and the teeth may be of normal size.
  • The teeth may be small or narrow, but the jaw can be a normal size.
  • The jaw can be wide and teeth can be small or narrow.
  • After gum surgeries, gaps can be seen in the teeth.

How can the gaps between the teeth (diastema) be closed?


  • The gaps between teeth can be closed with orthodontic treatment.
  • The gaps between teeth can be closed with illuminated fillings (composite).
  • The gaps between the teeth can be closed with porcelain laminates.
  • The causes of the gaps should be determined and measures should be taken to prevent them from recurring. Combined therapies may be required in cases with an excessive range.
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What are bite defects?

Bite defects occur skeletally or dentally. These are mild, moderate and severe bite disorders.

Treatment options for bite disorders:


  • Composite Veneer: It can be corrected with composite filling materials in patients with simple bite disorders.
  • Porcelain Laminate: It is reported that the bite can be corrected with porcelain laminates in cases of less advanced bite defects.
  • Orthodontic Treatment + Porcelain Laminate: Short-term orthodontic treatment can be combined with laminate applications in people with moderate bite impairment. Thus, the treatment time can be shortened.
  • Orthodontic Treatment: Orthodontic treatments may be required for people with severe bite impairment. Some bite disorders may also require jaw surgery.
  • Lip fillers: In addition to dental treatments, bite disorders can be treated with plastic treatment or lip fillings and botox applications made by dermatologists.
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