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High Quality Composite Restorations in Istanbul

What is composite?


Composite (White fillings) is known as 'Laser Filling' among people. However, the light source used for the curing of the composite material is not laser, but halogen or LED light sources. Composite material is polymer structures that can imitate dental hard tissue. These materials easily adhere to the teeth thanks to the preparation made to the teeth. 


In which teeth are white fillings preferred?


  • In the treatment of dental caries and making aesthetic white fillings instead of amalgam fillings
  • In the treatment of broken teeth,
  • In the treatment of gaps between teeth,
  • On teeth with erosion and sensitivity,
  • Used for small shape changes.


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Who should not prefer white fillings?

If aesthetic restorations concerning a large number of anterior teeth are required, porcelain laminate or porcelain crowns are preferred.
If there is a lot of material loss in the teeth, porcelain lamina, inlay (porcelain filling) or porcelain crown are preferred. If the patient drinks a lot of tea, coffee or smokes a lot, porcelain laminate or porcelain crowns are preferred.


How Long Will White Fillings Last?


Luminous composites are very successful in patients with limited use of tea, coffee and smoking. They can be used for 6-7 years with annual polishing. In case of discoloration or any cracks, it can be slightly abraded and the upper surface can be rebuilt without removing it completely.

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