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In-Vitro Fertilization Babies: IVF in Istanbul

In vitro fertilization is the most advanced assisted reproduction technique consisting of fertilization of the female egg cell with male sperm cells outside the body under special laboratory conditions and supporting and monitoring the development of embryos in the laboratory for a certain period of time; as a result of this monitoring, selecting the embryo or embryos with the highest probability of pregnancy and placing them into the uterus.

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In vitro fertilization is the removal of the disrupted stages of the natural pregnancy mechanism caused by various reasons stemming from woman, man, or both, by supporting them in special laboratory conditions outside the body, and trying to achieve pregnancy in this way.


We provide support in bringing the egg and sperm together, in the development of the embryo formed as a result of this, and its arrival into the uterus, which is the last stop. In this support, we mobilize all the possibilities of science and technology. With this special laboratory method developed by taking the stages of pregnancy, which is a real miracle, step by step as an example, we can help many couples having difficulty in achieving pregnancy in their own process.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

IVF treatment generally consists of determining the day to start treatment, starting drug use, egg collection, fertilization, and embryo transfer. Since the time of the patients coming from abroad may be limited, they may be asked to have the preliminary tests done by themselves in their country, and thus 2-4 weeks can be gained. In this case, 2-3 weeks may be sufficient for the treatment process.

Traveling at any stage of IVF treatment or after embryo transfer, which is often wondered, has no negative effect on the process.

The biggest advantage of IVF treatment for the couples who prefer it is that it is very reliable because the risks are almost negligible compared to other treatment methods. The success rate continues to increase day by day, as this method improves itself with technology and experience. The IVF method, which is important in terms of giving older couples the opportunity to have children, can be applied in our country with a success rate above world standards thanks to advanced technology and highly experienced experts. In addition, when viewed in terms of health tourism in Turkey with its natural beauty, cuisine, also offers a unique and economically advantageous prices it offers to tourists vacation experience.

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