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IVF Treatment in Istanbul For Affordable Prices

As Caretta Clinic, we try to be your hope when you feel desperate about having children. By offering more affordable services compared to other IVF centers and clinics, we aim to help you achieve your dreams based on your budget. That's why we are always with you with the most appropriate payment plans for your economy. While being with you in our state-of-the-art technology center with our expert and experienced team, we represent the concept of quality and cheap IVF treatment in the best way so that every couple who are married and want to have a baby can have this opportunity.

There are many factors that affect the determination of the appropriate price for IVF. Especially since 90 percent of the materials used in the laboratory and operations are imported, their prices may increase from month to month depending on the exchange rate. In addition, the quality of these materials directly affects the chance of getting pregnant. We have to use high quality materials because we achieve high pregnancy rates. Another factor that increases the price is the additional laboratory methods used for the treatment. We also prefer the state-of-art technology and high quality in EmbryoScope that allows us to select the best embryo for implantation (embryo transfer) or Fertichip that enables us to distinguish good quality sperm. However, while doing this, we strive for you to achieve your dreams without difficulty by keeping our own profits low in IVF prices.

In addition to the cost of IVF treatment, pre-treatment tests and drugs to be used during the treatment process have an extra cost. At this point, we provide all kinds of convenience for you to get affordable IVF treatment.

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In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Costs 2020

We cannot give an exact price here since the cost of IVF treatment for 2020 varies depending on the treatment process, but you may rest assured that we will offer you the best price and payment plan. When you visit our clinic, you will be informed by our financial officer about IVF treatment prices and the most convenient form of payment.

Caretta Clinic aims to answer all questions asked by patients and to help them in any case before, during, and after treatment, but our main goal is to ensure that you can get your baby in your hands by offering affordable IVF treatment prices. Treatments of hundreds of patients from Turkey and abroad were successfully completed in our center so far. Our professional IVF team provides a personalized service by taking into account your personal preferences, cultural, language, and religious expectations while meeting your medical needs. Thanks to Turkish hospitality, our patients feel at home during the treatment process. From the first moment when the patients contact us, our expert staff establishes the necessary communication, evaluates the reports submitted by the patient, and provides feedback to them.

We are with you with high-quality service and low prices with regard to the following matters: providing communication between the patient and the doctor in order to get an opinion about the patient's treatment plan; providing communication for second opinion and treatment plan; providing the necessary documents for the patient to benefit from the insurance; assisting the patient regarding the treatment plan and travel plan; assisting the patient to benefit from possible discounts offered by companies such as Turkish Airlines; organizing accommodation and transfer on the request of the patient; providing interpreter services for 24 hours a day during treatment; and carrying out hospital admission and discharge procedures.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

IVF treatment generally consists of determining the day to start treatment, starting drug use, egg collection, fertilization, and embryo transfer. Since the time of the patients coming from abroad may be limited, they may be asked to have the preliminary tests done by themselves in their country, and thus 2-4 weeks can be gained. In this case, 2-3 weeks may be sufficient for the treatment process.

Traveling at any stage of IVF treatment or after embryo transfer, which is often wondered, has no negative effect on the process.

The biggest advantage of IVF treatment for the couples who prefer it is that it is very reliable because the risks are almost negligible compared to other treatment methods. The success rate continues to increase day by day, as this method improves itself with technology and experience. The IVF method, which is important in terms of giving older couples the opportunity to have children, can be applied in our country with a success rate above world standards thanks to advanced technology and highly experienced experts. In addition, when viewed in terms of health tourism in Turkey with its natural beauty, cuisine, also offers a unique and economically advantageous prices it offers to tourists vacation experience.

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