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Hair Transplantation with HQ-Graft FUE in Istanbul

Hair Transplantation with HQ-Graft FUE in Istanbul


With the HQ-GRAFT (HIGH QUALITY GRAFT) FUE , hair transplantation is performed by giving the most natural and correct angle to the scalp. With this method, hair follicles are placed in round holes opened with fine needles in accordance with the angle of hair growth. In this way, the most natural looking hair/hair look is obtained.


HQ-Graft (High Quality Graft) FUE  is a method  developed as a result of many years of research by professional researchers in hair transplantation that uses the latest technologies, and all these high technologies are used by Caretta Clinic doctors in hair transplantation processes. In this method, obtaining the highest viability and highest quality grafts, transferring these grafts to the recipient area completely and achieving a completely natural result are the goals.

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All surgical materials used in the HQ-Graft (High Quality Graft) FUE  method are covered with gold which is a metal that is fully compatible with human tissues. Additionally, the solution in which the extracted grafts are stored until transplantation is an organic solution that is scientifically accepted in the world and fully compatible with human tissues, which greatly increases the life span of the graft.


After you start to research about solutions for your hair loss problem, if you prefer your treatment to be performed by Caretta Clinic experts, you can contact us.

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