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What is CAD/CAM? CAD/CAM Restorations in Istanbul

As in every field, the innovations of technology in dentistry continue to bring convenience to our lives. With the developed computer-aided image and design technology (Cad-Cam), you can now have brand new luminescent teeth and restorations that prevent food accumulation with a single appointment, without having to go to the dentist repeatedly.

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After the teeth are prepared for restoration (porcelain, veneer, bridge, filling, etc.), their photographs are obtained with an optical reader without taking conventional measurements, and the design of the porcelain is prepared in a computer environment within half an hour with these data. The dentist adheres the produced porcelain to the tooth, and the process ends.


By using Cad-Cam technology, although a single tooth restoration and bridge restorations can be prepared in an extremely aesthetic way, porcelain fillings can also be done. Thus, a definitive solution is created in a single session to close the gaps that cause food accumulation between the teeth.

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