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About Hair Surgery in Turkey

Turkey is one of the countries that hosts hundreds and thousands of people from all over the world every year especially for hair transplantion, IVF treatment, aesthetic surgery operations, and dental health care. As Caretta Clinic, we offer techniques developed with the latest technologies, expert doctors and modern facilities to our guests to make them happy.


Health tourism has a market volume of approximately 1 billion dollars in Turkey. Turkey has high demands of hair transplantion procudures from European, Middle Eastern and Gulf countries, and the fact that quality standards are high makes these demands increased.



Turkey is one of the most successful countries in medical education and naturally there are many success stories of specialist doctors in the country. Along with success stories and Turkey being the tourist paradise has a big impact on high demands for hair transplantion procedures in Turkey. Of course hair transplantion is done in many different countries in the world and it gets successful results. However, when hair transplant costs in Turkey and distance is considered Turkey becomes one of the most attractive options.


It is known that between 1500-2000 hair transplantion applications are made every day in Turkey. 80% of these applications are made in Istanbul. As Caretta Clinic, we strive to achieve high patient satisfaction with our experienced specialist's practices in modern hospitals.