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Best Tips to Take Care of Porcelain Veneers


Laminate veneer application is a method used in aesthetic dentistry that allows you to have natural looking teeth. You can use these teeth for years. Nowadays, increasing aesthetic demands of our patients have increased the applications of aesthetic dentistry.


Currently, porcelain laminate veneer in Turkey, teeth whitening and zirconium porcelain applications are made as the most up-to-date aesthetic dentistry applications. Gingiva is one of the most important criteria while smiling.


If there are excessively visible gums or asymmetrical gum levels in this area, which we call pink aesthetics, it is not possible to talk about an aesthetic dentistry application without correcting this situation.


With aesthetic-plastic gum surgery, which is one of the aesthetic dentistry applications, it is possible to correct this type of over-visible or asymmetric leveled gums. Aesthetic results beyond expectations can be achieved with laminate veneer porcelain or zirconium porcelain without metal support to be applied later. In aesthetic dentistry applications, the opinions of our patients are also taken before starting the procedure.





- Daily oral care such as tooth brushing and flossing is sufficient for teeth with laminate veneer application, as is the case with natural teeth.

-  Since the laminates have a smooth surface, they are resistant to coloration.

- Any stains that may occur can be easily removed.

- They do not change color even when exposed to substances such as cigarettes, tea and coffee.

- With good oral care, laminates can be used for many years as they are on the first day.

- Thanks to their high light transmittance, they have an extremely natural appearance.

- It is possible to prepare lamina in the desired color, size and shape according to the face shape and physical characteristics of the patient.

- Thus, ideal tooth and lip proportions can be obtained.


Who can have laminate veneer treatment?


It can be applied to anyone, in line with the doctor's opinion, except those under the age of 16 and those with severe teeth grinding.