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Does Hair Transplant Operation Leave a Scar?

Does Hair Transplant Operation Leave a Scar?


This is the most frequently asked question to us regarding hair transplant operation. This is understandable because none of us want to live with a scar. But hair transplant operation is a surgery and every surgery creates some scars. “Will i live with a scar for the rest of my life?” No, you’ll not. Scars of the hair transplant operation heals in time and the remainings will be very hidden. But how long does it take to heal?


The answer to this question varies from person to person and hair transplant operation can take approximately three months to fully recover. It does not need any another procedure, it can heal itself.



Post-operative redness is a part of the natural process. This is not a problem. Even if it annoys you visually, it is a process that you can overcome by thinking about the result. Although it is a more visible problem for white-skinned people, it can be slightly less visible in dark-skinned people. Not wearing a hat on sunny days can prolong the rash and increase the sensitivity of scars. After the operation, the lotions and creams recommended by your doctor are known to be good for pain and rashes and it is recommended to be sensitive in this regard. We can say that the process after the operation plays a very important role.




These are the places that need the most attention and sometimes spillage can be observed in the process. Of course, it is possible to take precautions regarding these. When shock spills occur, the wounds will start to attract more attention, so you should talk to the specialist immediately without disturbing you. Since it is a process performed by opening tiny holes in the skin for hair transplantation, the process of crusting and scab formation is quite normal.


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