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Fast Facts About IVF Treatment and IVF Treatment in Turkey

Fast Facts About IVF Treatment and IVF Treatment in Turkey


Due to the high costs of IVF treatment in the United Kingdom and Europe, most of the couples are searching for a new destination to get IVF treatment. Turkey is a commonly held destination as one of the world’s top IVF treatment centers and other medical treatments.


Due to the low transportation costs and affordable IVF treatment prices, Istanbul IVF clinics are the top choice of medical tourists. Best IVF clinics in Turkey are focused on medical tourists to offer a comfortable journey and treatment.



Fast Facts about In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and The Cost of IVF in Turkey

In IVF treatment, the eggs taken from the mother and the sperm cells of the father are brought together outside the female reproductive system in the laboratory environment and the embryo is obtained by fertilization. The obtained embryo is placed in the mother's uterus with the help of a catheter.


In vitro fertilization is a successful treatment for many years for couples with the problems below:

  • Unexplained infertility,
  • Conditions where ovarian reserve is reduced,
  • Blockages in the tubes in women,
  • Endometriosis,
  • Ovulation disorder conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome,
  • Low sperm count and low sperm quality,
  • In the presence of genetically transmitted diseases in which examination of the genetic material of the embryo (PGD) is required in one of the couples


One of the best IVF clinics in Turkey, Caretta IVF Clinic, offers affordable prices for IVF treatment in Istanbul. Caretta Clinic provides a high quality treatment for affordable prices. According to our sources, Caretta Clinic’s IVF treatment prices are less then fifty percent of the prices in United Kingdom.

Transportation costs and other costs are not included but due to the low ticket prices, even with transportation and accommodation costs, you can still save most of your money.

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