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Keep Your Body, Mind and Soul Healthy During IVF Treatment with Yoga

Keep Your Body, Mind and Soul Healthy During IVF Treatment with Yoga


Keeping yourself healthy during IVF treatment is very important. But most of the people consider a healthy life as body healthiness. But it’s not only the body that you should take care of. You should also take care of your mind and soul with your body during the IVF Treatment. Infertility treatment can be stressful and that’s why we should take care of ourselves like never before. That’s why we suggest to practice yoga during your IVF treatment in Turkey.




Yoga has become one of the most preferred sportive activities of our time. Yoga is a great way to cope with the stress of business and social life and to have a more peaceful mood. You can add this wonderful activity to your life in yoga studios, at home or at yoga camps. We have listed the intriguing aspects of yoga, which positively affect both our mind and body and make a beautiful difference in our lives.



What is Yoga?


The word yoga is derived from Sanskrit. Yoga, which literally means union, is a practice that has been practiced for centuries and has mental, spiritual and physical aspects. It is a philosophical art that enables the individual to work his / her body because it includes sports and, if applied regularly, the body and mind function in harmony.


The Relationship Between Yoga and Meditation


Meditation means concentration, focus, deep thinking and can be defined as a life philosophy intertwined with yoga. Physical postures and movements performed during yoga enable our mind and body to transition into meditation. Meditation is about the mind, and yoga movements can only bear fruit when this aspect is taken into account.


Yoga is a great way to reduce your stress during your infertility treatment. Caretta, one of the best IVF clinics in Istanbul, suggests to practice yoga during IVF treatment in Turkey.