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The Importance of Embryo Quality For IVF Treatment

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Success in IVF treatment depends on the woman's age and embryo quality. Pregnancy rates under the age of 30 are around 60 percent, and after the age of 40, the rate drops to 20 percent. The IVF treatment in Istanbul is very popular these days. IVF treatment in Istanbul is affordable and the success rate of IVF is very high but it also depends on some factors, just like embryo quality.


When should married couples who cannot become parents despite a regular relationship, consult a doctor for IVF treatment? This is one of the most common question from our patients. We will try to answer the most frequently asked questions about in vitro fertilization.



When should couples who cannot have children despite a regular partnership seek treatment?

If the woman's age is below 35 and there is no problem in the history that may affect the pregnancy formation, examination and treatment should be started after one year, if the age is over 35 or if there is a problem that may affect the pregnancy formation in the past six months.

What is the age limit for IVF treatment? Is there any effect of mourning in IVF application?

IVF can be applied up to the age of 45. However, it should be known that the chance decreases after the age of 40. In treatments, the number and quality of eggs that will develop with advancing age are adversely affected. The ovarian reserve decreases and the possibility of chromosomal problems increases in expectant mothers over 35 years old. Young mothers may also experience problems according to their hormone levels and physical conditions, but pregnancy rates are higher in young mothers-to-be.


What is personalized IVF treatment?


Since the health status of each couple will be different, the in vitro fertilization treatment to be applied to the couples also differs. In order to increase the chance of success, the methods in in vitro fertilization are the same in theory, but depending on the health status and necessity of the couples, drugs, drug dosages, drug use procedures and methods used in the laboratory (such as IMSI, ICSI, microtese, sperm freezing or embryo freezing) differ from person to person.


What is the difference of microinjection from classical IVF method?

In microinjection, a sperm is injected directly into the egg through a special device (micromanipulator) to aid fertilization. How is the treatment protocol to be selected in IVF treatment determined? The protocol is selected by considering the ovarian reserve, the age of the person, and the previous protocol.