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What is Secondary Infertility?

What is Secondary Infertility?


Infertility, which develops mostly due to reasons related to women and men, can occur in some cases although there is no problem in the couple. There are two types of Infertility: Primary and Secondary. Primary infertility is defined as the couple's inability to conceive, while secondary infertility can be explained as the inability of the couple to conceive again despite the fact that couple had a succesful conceiving and experienced a pregnancy before.


It is not a criterion whether the first pregnancy results in a live birth or not for Secondary Infertility. Whether or not a pregnancy has been achieved before is sufficient to determine the type of infertility. Complaints such as "I have a child, I can not have a second child" or "I have conceived before but i can not again" are considered within the scope of secondary infertility.



What Causes Secondary Infertility?


Couples who have conceived before but cannot have a new healthy birth or who cannot achieve pregnancy despite having a child should not avoid treatment by hiding this situation. Because this situation is a secondary infertility or, in other words, a health problem. Therefore, the couple is recommended to consult a physician for the detection and treatment of the factor that causes infertility.


Secondary infertility can occur due to the man, the woman, or both. Causes of male secondary infertility can be listed as varicocele, infections, traumas and testicular tumors. Secondary infertility in women can be due to factors such as the progression of age, disorders in the ovulation pattern, damage and / or obstruction in the tubes, deterioration of the uterine structure, uterine and cervical cancer.


Why Can't Get a Second Child Pregnant?


In addition to secondary infertility causes, smoking and alcohol use, being overweight or underweight, exposure to chemical or radioactive effects, having an intense stressful life and drug use can also cause secondary infertility.


IVF Treatment for Secondary Infertility


Couples can get IVF treatment in Turkey for Secondary Infertility. If you are not able to get pregnant again despite having conceived before, you may have a secondary infertility problem. You can contact us to get more information about IVF treatment stages and more.