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Why Choose Caretta Clinic and Turkey for Hair Transplant

In our clinic in Turkey, one of the most leading countries in health tourism, equipped with the latest technologies, we apply the highest standard hair transplantion procedures, and we like to say goodbye to you with happy and satisfied faces, and pleasant memories.


There are many advantages of hair transplantion treatments we apply in Istanbul, one of the most popular cities of the world, and Turkey. As Caretta Clinic, we think about every detail to make the whole process a comfortable experience.



We work to make the results satisfying by always using the latest technology in hair transplantion applications, as well as ensuring high quality standards. With HQ Graft FUE, DHI method and FUE technique, we can offer solutions by choosing effective techniques that will suit people's needs. Along with personalized hair transplantion process, if necessary we provide comprehensive answers with mustache, beard and eyebrow transplantion applications.


If requested, we provide support about their journey for people coming from abroad to Turkey for Hair Transplant. Along with providing top quality health services in modern hospitals of Turkey, a translator will be at your side for all of your accommodation and transportation needs, and we support you in every process. We would like to host you with Caretta Clinic difference in Turkey, for a reliable, comfortable, and high standard hair transplantion experience.