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Why Choose Caretta Clinic for Dental Surgery?

What is Dental Surgery?

Dental Surgery term is used to refer dental procedures of teeth and gums. Dental Surgery includes implants, root canal treatment, cosmetic treatments and extraction of wisdom teeth. Dental Surgery should be done by experienced surgeons and specialists. Turkey is very popular for dental surgery among Europe and Middle East.

Is Turkey Good For Dental Work?

Turkish Dentistry is very advanced if we compare it to the European Dentistry. Turkey has a good reputation thanks to well-trained medical personnels. Due to the high cost of dental treatments in Europe, Turkey is the most popular destination for medical tourism. Especially British patients choosing Turkish dental clinics for dental treatment.

Is dental surgery cheap in Turkey compared to United Kingdom?

Yes, Turkey provides dental surgery for affordable prices compared to United Kingdom and Europe. But the price is not the only cause of Turkey’s rising medical tourism. Every year our patients come back for routine controls and even for plaque cleaning. It is also because of our high quality modern clinics and success of our dentists and specialists.

Why Choose Caretta Clinic for Dental Surgery?

Caretta Clinic is treating and caring patients with a team of Implant Specialists and experienced surgeons for dental surgery applications in Turkey. We are very passionate about our work and we are committed to provide the patients highest level of care during the surgical treatment.

We care about you and we listen carefully your concerns. We provide our patients all the answers for their questions to comfort them about their treatment. We treat our patients in a relaxed atmosphere. We know that Dental Surgery or any dental treatment is stressful for patients and that’s why we give our attention to comfort our patients.

Caretta’s specialists and dentists use cutting-edge technology and latest techniques for Dental Surgery in Turkey. We combine the latest technology and experience of our surgeons for a perfect dental surgery treatment.