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Effect of Obesity to IVF


Obesity, which is an increasing problem in society, can lead to infertility as well as many diseases.



There are patients who have obesity problems and can conceive spontaneously by losing weight at a rate of 5-10 percent. In addition, patients who did not respond to drug and IVF treatment before and could not conceive with these methods become much better respond to treatment when they lose weight.


Obesity is a problem that both reduces the chance of conception and negatively affects the chance of success in the treatment to be performed, the weight problem has been seen widely in recent years.


The problem reduces the chance of conception of the patient with certain hormone disorders. Obesity can be associated with ovulation problems, which we call polycystic ovary syndrome in some women. The first thing to do to increase the chance of conception is to lose weight.


Overweight women cannot lose weight easily due to metabolic problems, so drugs to regulate sugar metabolism can be recommended, as well as diet and exercise, to facilitate the process.


Even the 5-10 percent weight loss of those with obesity problems makes it easier to obtain satisfactory results.


Obesity can also negatively affect IVF treatment from beginning to end. Adjusting the dose of drugs used in IVF treatment is not easy. In women with weight problems, you need to use higher doses of medication, the ovaries can be overstimulated. This can cause swelling in the woman or vice versa, the ovaries are not stimulated enough and You may have problems in finding mature quality eggs. We have obesity problems and it is increasing every day. But we have patients who can conceive by losing 5-10% weight. Those who achieve this can conceive on their own, without the need for additional treatment.


Patients who cannot conceive become much more responsive to treatment when they lose weight, resulting in more successful pregnancies.


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