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Effect of Smoking to IVF Treatment

Many environmental factors such as smoking, malnutrition, sedentary lifestyle, stress and depression can prevent having children.



Environmental factors make it difficult to conceive and can increase miscarriage rates during pregnancy. If conception cannot be made within 1 year or if the woman is over 35, the tests should be started within 6 months at the latest without waiting.


Smoking has an infertility effect on both men and women. Smoking not only reduces the chance of pregnancy on its own, but also negatively affects any treatment to be done and reduces the chance of success. It is very important for the couple who will start IVF treatment to quit smoking. It is necessary to do this 6 months in advance in order to have the same chance as with "When I start treatment, I quit smoking." This approach is not very realistic. For both men and women, a period of 6 months is required for the negative effects of smoking to disappear.


Another factor that reduces the chance of conception is stress.


In fact, inability to conceive is a stress factor in itself. It is known that not being able to have a child causes as much stress as the diagnosis of cancer or AIDS. It will be beneficial to reduce the stress while starting treatment, perhaps to get psychological support. At that time, if there is more stress in your life than usual, it would be correct to postpone treatment. Depression also acts like stress.


After unsuccessful IVF treatment, most couples will have children in subsequent treatments. Stress ranks first among the reasons for stopping treatment. The fear of failure again prevents starting a second treatment as much as for economic reasons. In this case, it would be very correct to get psychological support. 


Excessive alcohol consumption also negatively affected the success of IVF, and that caffeine was not shown to have a negative effect on treatment and the chance of conception, but it should not be consumed excessively.


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