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Hair and Beard Transplantation in Istanbul

Hair and beard in many civilizations; Did you know that it represents the power and the way of belief, that the first beard shaving of men was performed with a ceremony in Indian civilization? Today, aesthetic applications are also made for hair and beard, which are still of great importance for men.

Although women are the first to come to mind when it comes to aesthetic appearance, in fact, care for men is of great importance. We see that braids, long hair, short hair, mustache and beard represent civilizations and states in representational pictures in history books. In other words, the importance that men attach to hair and beard dates back thousands of years. The lack of hair and beard duo, which both change the appearance and have a strong social effect, causes psychological problems. Therefore, hair and beard transplantation is one of the most popular aesthetic operations in Turkey. Caretta Clinic performs beard transplantation in Istanbul.




Statistics also prove that the number of men who regularly take care of their hair is increasing. At this point, although there are many products on the market for hair and beard loss, from natural oils to shampoos, hair transplantation is generally preferred. Both the longevity of the result and the radical change make hair and beard transplantation attractive. In addition, Turkey for decades rigorous and successful operations conducted in this regard draws the attention of the world. Beard transplantation in Istanbul is also very popular. Caretta Clinic is experienced in Hair Transplantation in Istanbul and we have lots of references from our international patients.


During the pandemic period, we all witnessed men shaving by their wives or doing hair and beard care at home. Even celebrities shared a lot on social media. So, how should men do hair care in this process?


  • Shampoo suitable for hair should be preferred.
  • Oils that are good for hair such as argan oil, coconut oil, almond oil and pine turpentine oil can be preferred with shampoo.
  • Chemical products such as hair stylers and sprays cause hair loss in men. For this reason, a product suitable for the hair structure should be preferred.
  • Nutrition also has an important effect on the hair. Green leafy vegetables, vitamin C and protein-based foods should be more room on the table.
  • Drink plenty of water.