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How Can I Increase My Chances of Getting Pregnant?






Fertility can be increased by the right diet! You can increase your chances of getting pregnant by eating the right foods and avoiding the harmful ones.


Nutrition; It is very important for the growth and development process of people. Necessary nutrients and vitamins should be taken in line with the needs. Regular and balanced nutrition is important both for health and for the continuity of reproductive functions.


There are points to be checked in terms of nutrition for possible infertility risk. These;


  • Being too thin or too overweight
  • Have an eating disorder
  • Vegan - eating a vegetarian diet
  • Consuming or not consuming certain food groups
  • Exercising excessively
  • Extremely stressful life
  • Frequent weight gain and loss


When the general nutritional habits of people with infertility problems are examined; Common behaviors such as a vegetarian diet, a very low or excessively fatty diet, a limited consumption of vegetables and fruits, and not consuming dairy products and red meat were found.


Apart from these, it has been determined that eating too much, not moving, consuming too much sugar significantly reduces sperm and egg quality.


Nowadays, there is an increase in the rate of getting pregnant in women who use supplements and especially folic acid and iron supplements. Since zinc deficiency in men decreases sperm motility, it should be checked at regular intervals.




Apart from harmful foods, sperm motility can be increased with the right nutritional behaviors to increase the possibility of getting pregnant. It is recommended to consume fish oil, omega 3 vitamin, flax seeds, walnuts and similar foods.


Exercise has a positive effect on the state of conception. Studies in obese and infertile women show that overweight, sedentary life and poor psychology negatively affect the state of conception. You can also read our blog article to learn what to eat during IVF Treatment.




One of the proven causes of infertility is GMO and hormonal foods. While hormonal foods affect estrogen in women, breast growth in men causes a loss of sexual power.


In conclusion, the right diet and right foods can increase your fertility. The right diet is also very important for IVF treatment. You can find more information in our site about affordable IVF treatment in Istanbul.