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Keep Your Children's Teeth Healthy

Keep Your Children's Teeth Healthy




It is not enough to give importance to the choice of toothpaste alone in order to have healthy and beautiful teeth! Today, just as we are exposed to harmful sunlight by piercing the ozone layer, the ozone layer is actually pierced for our teeth! Foods containing high glucose syrup, candies, acidic and carbonated drinks unfortunately damage levels beyond our teeth, causing widespread caries, crowding, aesthetic and functional losses. Continuing finger sucking habit after the age of two, prolonged use of bottles or pacifiers may cause jaw and teeth problems in our child's entire life which may need orthodontic treatment. Similarly, wrong eating habits, foods prepared by blending even though the milk teeth are completed, drinking sugary milk with a bottle at night can cause common caries and even problems in the formation of chewing function.


First of all, we should give importance to the oral health of our baby from birth. They can even brush their teeth with soft brushes after they start using their hands, which is the easiest way to gain a lifelong brushing habit. Regular brushing habits and regular visits to the pediatric dentist will ensure that the milk teeth remain in the mouth until permanent teeth come out, and our new teeth will be healthy and smooth. Because one of the most important causes of tooth crowding is that the milk teeth fall out before their time and the permanent teeth are curved or buried.


Another issue we need to pay attention to is to quit the habits mentioned above in the early period. By the age of two, finger sucking and bottle-pacifier habits should be abandoned. If these habits are not abandoned until the age of five, it is inevitable to have problems in the jaw and teeth.


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