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What Should I Look for in a Hair Transplant in Istanbul?

What Should I Look for in a Hair Transplant in Istanbul?




Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure that requires meticulousness, care and serious manual skill. It should be applied in a hospital environment and under the control of a physician. Hair transplant in Istanbul is the choice of the most UK patients and Europeans thanks to our experience and skilled doctors. It is almost impossible to reverse the results of a wrong operation in hair transplantation. Therefore, hair transplantation must be done in the right hands. Choosing the right specialist, which is the first and most important stage, is of great importance for the patient. Various methods are used in hair transplantation. The common procedure in all of them is to take the root from the nape area, which is solid donor areas, where the most resistant hair is located, and transfer it to other areas where hair loss is experienced.


Hair Transplantation Is a Surgical Procedure


The superiority of FUE method over old methods; It does not cause much damage in both hairy and balding areas. Therefore, wound healing is faster and more beautiful. Since it can be done without needles, pain and scars, more natural results occur. It is the most preferred method today. In this method, hair follicles are taken one by one under local anesthesia with special micro-tipped motors and carefully placed in the transplantation area one by one, taking into account the natural hair growth angle and direction.


Since there is no need to shave the existing hair, the DHI method in Istanbul is preferred in female patients. In the DHI method, quality hair follicles, which are selected from the donor area, are directly placed in the transplantation area with a special pen-like medical apparatus. In other words, in the DHI method, the placement of the grafts can be done at the same time with the channel opening and root placement processes, so the roots are planted in a shorter time. Since the damage caused by the operation is at a minimum level, the healing process is very fast.


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