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Rhinoplasty in Turkey

Rhinoplasty is the most common operation in our country and in the world. Today, nose aesrhetics, rhinoplasty, is increasingly popular, and is applied above world standards in our country and even Turkish physicians train our foreign colleagues about this issue. Although it is a complicated surgery, the relatively short recovery period has increased the prevalence among patients, as they can continue their daily activities after the operation.Many people want the beautiful, and even if the concept of facial beauty is constantly changing, natural close-ups will always be appreciated.While communicating with our patients, their needs should be meet at the common point of what can be done.We are always in contact with our patients both before and after the operation and we overcome this process together.


What is nose aesthetics (Rhinoplasty?)


Rhinoplasty is the process of reshaping the external shape of the nose. It can be applied to people who are not satisfied with their nose and as well as to people who have breathing problems.


Will it be painful after Rhinoplasty?Patients do not have any significant pain complaints after the surgery. There would be very little pain that can be relieved with simple painkillers.


Will my breathing deteriorate after the surgery?


Rhinoplasty is a procedure where we both correct the external shape of the nose and also correct the curves that prevent breathing.After the nose surgery, breathing does not worsen, on the contrary, nasal breathing will be even better as internal problems are eliminated.


Will there be bruising and swelling after the surgery?


The most important factor about bruises and swelling after Rhinoplasty depends on the patient's skin type. If the skin is prone to burising then that patient is more likely to have bruises after the surgery. Bruising and swelling would be minimal with the measures taken during the surgery and after the operation as well.


Will there be pain when removing nasal pads after the surgery?


After the surgery, silicone pads are placed inside the nose.These tampons are important to prevent adhesion in the nose after the surgery.Nasal pads can be removed after 3 days, although it varies from patient to patient.The tampons placed in the nose are soft silicone tampons and there is no pain when removing it.


When can I start working after the surgery?


After the rhinoplasty, tampons inside the nose are removed in 3 days, and the plaster outside is removed after a week.Patients can start working in jobs that do not require much physical effort one week after the surgery.

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For how long do I need to rest after the surgery?


After rhinoplasty, patients stay at the hospital for one night and many patients can be discharged on the same day. Patients can walk during one week recovery period that are not too long or tiring. Many of our patients who come from abroad spend their 1-week recovery process with touristic trips.When can I travel by a plane after the surgery? The patient can take the plane after removing the tampons in the nose after the surgery. So, plane travelling can be done after 3 or 3days later. There are no restrictions about land travelling.


How long does the surgery take?


The duration of the surgery actually depends on patient's characteristics. If it is going to be patient's first nose surgery usually it takes 3 or 3.5 hours. Second operations take a little longer. It takes around 3-3.5 hours.


What is revision Rhinoplasty?


This is the process of performing a nose surgery again for those who do not like the shape of the nose for any reason or who have post-operative breathing problems.It is a very difficult procedure compared to the first surgery, which may require many additional auxiliary operations such as ear cartilage and rib cartilage.Before each revision rhinoplasty operation, the patients and the doctor should form a good communication and detailed information should be given about the process and recovery period.The wishes of the patient and the situation that can be performed surgically should be clearly stated.


What are open technique and closed technique (scarless) rhinoplasty?


The difference between open technique rhinoplasty and closed technique rhinoplasty is actually the incision made from the area called columella in the middle of both nostrils.it is actually a situation that can be decided when the patient's nose surgery is planned and according to the patient's skin and nose condition. While closed rhinoplasty gives very good results for suitable patients, it is more appropriate to use open technique especially for revision patients.


Are simulations before rhinoplasty realistic?


Photo simulation before rhinoplasty increases communication with the patient and becomes a tool for us to understand what the person wants.Photo simulations reveal the predicted structure of our nose. One should not expect the same.


When can I shower after the surgery?


The plaster on the back of the nose should stay there for about a week.We ask our patients to protect their noses from water during this period.Our patients can wash their hair without getting water on their noses.

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