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BBL in Turkey

The butt appearance, which is one of the most important elements of body beauty for women, has now turned into an aesthetic perception that is getting popular day by day.  It is possible to obtain permanent buttock shapes with butt aesthetic operations, which is one of the most popular aesthetic operations.  Brazilian buttock and butt shapes identified with some celebrities are also performed with buttock aesthetics.


Buttock augmentation is not just to make the butt bigger, it is to correct the proportion of the body and reshape it. There is a redistribution of the volume, and the volume is taken from an uncultivated area and moved to a more pleasantly curved position.  From this perspective, even a very large woman becomes a candidate, because upon closer examination, there is improperly distributed fat in large buttocks, while fat volume is lacking in appropriate aesthetic areas.


The most preferred method in butt aesthetics is aesthetic surgeries performed through fat transfer.  Fat transfer, which is one of the methods applied especially in cases such as sagging on the butt and deformity, is also called Brazilian butt lift surgery.  These fat masses, which are taken from the areas with excess fat tissue in the body, is injected especially to the upper part of the butt, to obtain a more raised, upright and voluminous buttock appearance. Deformities that can be seen in the buttocks can also be easily removed with the liposuction method.


Recovery after BBL surgery


The patient is discharged the day after surgery and is being checked up on the fifth day for wound and drain examination.  The drain is usually removed 3-5 days after surgery. Oral antibiotics are used until the drains are removed.


Postoperative follow-up checks are done 1 month after the 2nd week of the surgery, then after the surgery, and finally at 6 months and 1 year.


For the first 2 to 3 weeks, it is recommended to sit with special BBL pillows, and for patients to lie on their stomach, and stand in a face down position.  The patient may take small walks around the house, but is asked to limit activities to avoid wound friction and trauma.


In the third week of the surgery, the patient is allowed to sit and drive and is encouraged to do stretching exercises.  The patient can usually return to work within 2 to 3 weeks after surgery.


Returning to the gym depends on the condition of the wounds. If all is well, the patient can resume their exercises 6 weeks after the operation.  If there is a risky wound, it may be necessary to wait 2 to 3 months before starting the training.


After 3 months, the patient is allowed to do all kinds of activities.


Is BBL permanent?


Although this is very dependent on your surgeon, the results are generally thought to be long-lasting.  Inevitably, some of the injected fat will be lost, it is hoped that approximately 65-70% of the injected fat will be permanent.

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What happens if I gain weight after BBL?

If you gain weight after BBL, you will also gain weight in fat cells and it is not possible to predict how this fat cells will be distributed.


What happens if I get pregnant after BBL?


Different people gain weight in different parts of pregnancy. So, if you get pregnant after a BBL – it's natural for you to gain weight. However, you can control how much weight you gain. After pregnancy, your body changes again, so there are no guarantees about how you will look. Your butt may get bigger or you may need a touch up.


Will there be any scars after BBL?


After the Brazilian buttock procedure, an average of 5 mm long point scars can remain. These scars can get vague within 1 year.

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