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Breast Augmentation in Turkey

There are many reasons why breast augmentation surgery, which is one of the most applied aesthetic operations, is preferred so immensely. In addition to those who complain about the small size of their breasts, those who have breast reduction and deformity due to postpartum and excessive weight gain prefer these operations. The presence of asymmetry between the two breast appearances can also be resolved by breast surgeries.


Before the operation, a chest examination will be performed and your complaints and expectations will be listened to by your doctor. You can decide on the operation by making a joint decision with your doctor about the breast shape and size you want. Since the operation is deemed appropriate for people who have completed breast development, the patient must be over the age of eighteen.


Two Different Methods are used in Breast Augmentation Surgery


Generally, two methods are preferred in breast augmentation surgeries. Prosthesis placement stands out as the most permanent solution and the most used method in breast augmentation surgeries. The size of the prosthesis will be selected according to your breast and rib cage structure, body measurements, and the desired breast size and shape. It differs according to the location of the incisions to be created in this type of operation.


The prosthesis is placed by entering from the nipple, just below the breast, under the armpit or through the belly button. By preparing pockets in the breast, silicone prostheses can be easily placed just below the breast tissue or under the chest muscle. These types of operations are mostly performed under general anesthesia and may take between one and three hours depending on the scope of the operation. Using a non-wired bra for a while will prevent edema formation.


In breast augmentation operations performed by fat injection method, the patient's body structure should have sufficient fat tissue. Fats taken from any part of the body with excess fat tissue by liposuction method will be subjected to special processing, enriched in terms of stem cells and placed in the breasts to give the desired shape. If there are asymmetry and deformities in the breasts, this method is preferred, and the desired upright and full breast structure is achieved.

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Does breast prosthesis damage the milk glands?


The breast prosthesis does not harm the mammary glands. In the past, implants were placed in the middle of the milk glands, but those techniques are not included in today's understanding of plastic surgery. Now, a pocket is opened in the area just above the muscle, which is a protective membrane under the breast, and the breast tissue is not touched in any way. The operation is carried out completely under the membrane. In the technique called submuscular or dual plan, the implants are placed in the pocket created in the muscle under the breast. Therefore, in these operations, any breast prosthesis does not cause damage to the milk glands.


What to Expect After Breast Augmentation?



Operations are performed under general anesthesia and in full-fledged hospitals. After the surgery, patients are discharged the next day after being kept under control in the hospital for one night. The thin incisions made during the surgery need some time to heal. Since we change the shape of the breast tissue, a healing process is required for the natural reaction of the tissue. In general, there may be difficulty in arm movements in the first three days. After the third day, patients return to their normal activities and the first seven days require time for the scar to heal. Wound healing takes place at the end of the seventh day without any problems.


After the surgery, the natural reaction of the body, which we call edema, and slight bruises may occur. In order to minimize these situations, we ask our patients to use supportive bras for three weeks. During this period, the edema, bruising and swelling in question begin to go down by 70-80%. In the first 1.5-2 months, by entering a rapid recovery period, the breasts get used to the body structure and begin to settle to its place soften and take shape. The rest recover within six months to one year following the operation. The body continues to heal by itself, getting better day by day, without the patients noticing this situation. At the end of one year, the fully healed breasts have reached their normal structure, the edema has regressed, the wounds have completely fused, and the scars have turned to the skin color and the fine line has disappeared.

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